Introducing DiiVER's Innovative Module Kits : Streamlining Branding Solutions for Every Occasion


When creating welcome and brand kits, the planning stage typically consumes the most time. Numerous factors need consideration, including design, package and component selection, target audience, and production purposes. DiiVER has developed a 'module kit' that streamlines package and component selection, offering various configurations to suit diverse purposes, targets, and budgets to expedite this process. Let's discuss this modular kit.

Left : DiiVER VIPT KIT#1 / Right : DiiVER VIP KIT #2

1. Optimal Configuration for VIPS : DiiVER VIP KIT


Brands cater to various VIPs, ranging from purchasing customers to corporate stakeholders and influencers, each with unique needs. To address this diversity, DiiVER offers two module kits tailored for VIPs, emphasizing a premium experience from packaging to content.


1) DiiVER VIP KIT #1

This office kit exclusively gathers the most preferred main items, ensuring uniform design. It includes practical items such as a minimalist high-speed wireless charging mouse pad, a DiiVERCITY 1000-year diary, a Lamy Safari ballpoint pen, and a 5-speed manual umbrella. Each component is individually packed inside a custom single box within a custom-made open wrapping box, creating a memorable unboxing experience.


2) DiiVER VIP KIT #2

Designed with frequently requested items, this modular kit exudes a luxurious mood with a magnetic wrapping box. Contents include a DiiVERCITY diary, a Lamy Safari fountain pen, a three-stage automatic umbrella, and a folding leather card wallet. A sturdy sponge frame enhances the unboxing experience.



2. Optimized Configuration to Fit Your Budget: DiiVER Brand KIT


It would be nice to be able to produce a kit according to the desired plan and configuration, but it is a challenging problem because the budget is limited. There are also module kits for brands that need more efficient planning/organization within a limited budget. As a result of analyzing the consultation data, we planned a kit tailored to quality and budget. There are two versions available to choose from, depending on your budget.



It is a compact structure that collects only the items necessary for office life, allowing you to create satisfactory composition and design even with a small budget. This kit comprises essential office items, maintaining brand aesthetics with custom mouse pads, welcome cards, circular logo stickers, LOHAS mugs, logo notes, and slim toothbrush & toothpaste cases.



This is an upgraded version of the BRAND LIGHT KIT with a richer composition and consists of items useful for office life. Developed based on consultation data, it consists of the DiiVERCITY half-year diary, stationery kit, upcycled leather pen holder, Ben's tumbler, pen holder fast wireless charging holder, welcome card, oral care set, etc. All items reveal branding and are highly practical. 


Left : BASIC WELCOME KIT (by 1907) / Right : BASIC PLUS WELCOME KIT (by 1907)



3.  Welcome/Brand kit for Eco-friendly Branding

As eco-friendly branding becomes a necessity, an increasing number of brands are planning welcome/brand kits that consist of eco-friendly items. Reflecting this trend, DiiVER provides eco-friendly module kits incorporating sustainable practices. These kits cater to various purposes and concepts. In addition to the kits below, option of DiiVER ECO-KIT is also available.



This module kit uses a cool bag from the upcycled lifestyle brand 'project 1907'. This kit features a hot and cold bag package made of playtex, a fabric made from yarn processed from waste plastic. The composition includes practicality and eco-friendliness, including the DiiVERCITY 1000-year diary that eliminates wasted paper, an eco-friendly Husky cup, a to-do list, and a clip pen. 

The Basic Plus Welcome KIT consists of branded products such as the Mir Vacuum Insulated Tumbler and Lamy Safari Ballpoint Pen. It additionally includes office supplies that can provide a premium experience, such as a minimalist high-speed wireless charging mouse pad, a 5-speed manual umbrella, and removable stickers. 



The ECO DiiVER KIT is customized for brands that encourage environmental cleanup activities. It mainly consists of items needed for activities like bagging or beach cleanup and items good for summer use. Sanitary bags/gloves and bamboo tongs are standard, and sports towels made from recycled fabric are also provided. The clear bag used as a package is also made of eco-friendly materials. It also has clothing items available as additional options. Made using eco-friendly cotton and recycled fabric, short-sleeved t-shirts and shorts are provided and are suitable for bagging activities. Design desired by a brand/organization can be printed.



This module kit comprises an eco-friendly package and office supply components. The package is an eco-friendly handle-type box developed by DiiVER that has received FSC certification. For small quantities, the brand design can be reflected with a sticker, and the desired design can be printed for mass production. The basic components include stationery/office products (diary/writing instrument/mouse pad/sticky note) using recycled leather and craft paper and a recycled cup made from green bean shells.


Conclusion :


DiiVER is committed to facilitating branding activities through merch, offering solutions to challenges encountered in the production process. The module kits presented here are part of our efforts to assist brands in overcoming planning difficulties. DiiVER will continue developing module kits tailored to various situations and targets, aiding brands in seamless goods production. To learn more about DiiVER's module kits, visit the link below.

> DiiVER's Module KIT

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