DiiVER's A to Z Approach: Crafting Tailored Brand Merchandise Solutions


DiiVER has emerged as a key player in the realm of brand merchandise projects, offering an entire spectrum of services from production-only to encompassing planning, design, and production. For this, similar to participating in advertising campaigns, DiiVER engages in Request for Proposals (RFPs), and when brands inquire about production, the company extends involvement to include planning and proposal drafting. 


This blog delves into a notable case – the LiVE LG First Anniversary Quarterly Special Kit Proposal – showcasing how DiiVER navigated brand goods production amidst COVID-19 trends.


01. LiVE LG First Anniversary Quarterly Special Kit Proposal


LiVE LG, LG Electronics' social content platform, envisioned a project to produce and distribute special merchandise each quarter to commemorate its first anniversary. DiiVER played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and proposing unique merchandise aligned with the prevailing 'stay-at-home' trend and LG Electronics' brand strengths as home appliances and content. At the time, the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak, so DiiVER strategically planned and designed three distinct kits: home cinema, home study, and home training, each reflecting the platform's essence and LG Electronics' offerings.


For the first-anniversary event in the first quarter, a home cinema kit was composed, incorporating a matte mug, six socks, and a 17-inch long-sleeve t-shirt elegantly packaged in a craft box. It contained a message to stay at home and experience LG home cinema & appliances.


In the second quarter, we planned a home study & working kit to reflect the start-of-semester and the work-from-home situation and proposed packaging a Tyvek pouch, monthly planner, and logo sticky note in a zipper bag. Lastly, in the third quarter, we composed a home training kit for those who cannot do so due to active seasons or social distancing. We planned to package a tumbler, a hair band, and a yoga band in a dust proof bag.


LiVE LG Special KIT, Home Cinema Set

Left : LiVE LG Home Study & Working Set / Right : Home Training Set

02. BI planning/design, production & individual delivery  


When the project got approval, DiiVER concentrated on aligning the merchandise plan with LiVE LG's brand identity and platform objectives. LiVE LG is a platform containing storytelling content filled with new and meaningful insights for a better life, and its goal is to enrich customers' lives with vivid information from LG Electronics. Emphasizing the platform's role in enriching lives through insightful content, especially during COVID-19, we crafted a strategic message: a good life that starts at home and began full-scale merchandise planning. Our focus on practical goods planning and production involved creating a distinct

Brand Identity (BI) exclusively for LiVE LG special goods.


Since it was a 1st anniversary commemorative merchandise, we decided to create a special BI for the merch rather than using only LG Electronics' BI. After an extensive ideation process, we designed a symbol symbolizing the platform that embodies the key message the merch would convey. We designed a Wi-fi logo to represent real-time service and the platform, using vibrant orange and yellow colors to evoke positivity and hope. This exclusive BI was seamlessly applied to all goods, labels, and packages, with a deliberate effort to integrate it elegantly into the overall design.

Rather than using it in a large and conspicuous way, we used it in the design of the merchandise in the neatest way possible and to act as a focal point. The merchandise was thoughtfully curated to embody the key message, offering a holistic experience for watching movies, studying or working, and exercising at home. Post each quarterly event; individual deliveries were meticulously arranged according to the prize delivery schedule, ensuring a personalized touch to each winner.


03. DiiVER's first case of brand merchandise solution


The LiVE LG Special Merchandise Project marked DiiVER's foray into providing a complete merch-related solution , including planning, product selection, design, production, and individual delivery in collaboration with a marketing agency. This proved to be a valuable learning experience experiment and a challenge because it was to be accomplished before the launch of a comprehensive solution service.


The success of this project catalyzed a re-evaluation of DiiVER's business model, prompting the evolution into its present form. Subsequently, we refined our processes to offer comprehensive A to Z solutions for brand merchandise to diverse clients, and we have reached the current stage. 


The LiVE LG Special Merchandise Project is a testament to DiiVER's capability to deliver tailored solutions, from BI and merchandise planning/design to production and individualized delivery. This case not only exemplifies the successful execution of DiiVER's brand goods solution but also highlights the company's ongoing commitment to providing holistic and effective branding solutions through merchandise.


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Address : first floor, 63, Yeonhui-ro 25-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Tel : +82-2-466-0507       E-mail : ask@diiver.kr