Crafting Branded Merchandise with Target in Mind


In marketing, prioritizing the 'target' is paramount as it drives strategy and narrative. Understanding their preferences, purchasing behavior, and media usage shapes the overall direction of the campaign. 


Similarly, aligning with the brand's narrative and target audience trends is crucial for effective engagement and sales of branded merchandise. Exploring examples of targeted brand merch can shed further light on this strategy.


01. Focus on the Target's Story


The Incheon Film Commission facilitates major filming in Incheon for Korean Wave content, such as movies and dramas, targeting various stakeholders such as creators and video content industry officials. The Incheon Film Commission recently revamped its brand identity (BI), and brand merch kits reflecting the renewed design were to be produced for each target. To align with the new identity, we curated merch kits for three distinct groups: domestic and foreign video industry creators, industry officials, production companies and broadcasting companies, and general citizens participating in events hosted by the committee.


Paying attention to the fact that the Incheon Film Commission's changed BI symbolizing Incheon based on the English word 'Story' and that the slogan was 'Story On, Incheon,' we produced merch that expressed the actions of each target through stories when creating video content. 


First, we selected clothing products that can be used in the field and are highly active as creator-targeted merch. We selected versatile tie-dye zip-up hoodies for creators, symbolizing the exploration of diverse filming locations. 


The kits for organizations and production companies embraced a 'travel' concept, mirroring the journey of the entire process from location scouting for filming, planning, and production of movie/drama content to broadcasting, which is likened to a long journey. Highlighting Incheon's role as a prime filming destination, these kits featured travel essentials. We ensured the relevant targets would think of the 'Incheon location' as soon as they saw the merch. The kit consists of a message card made in the form of a blanket, passport case, and ticket using the ready bag package needed for travel, and a gradient design that matches BI was applied.


Lastly, kits for event participants/ general citizens were themed around 'records,' offering tools like notepads and pens and removable stickers and figures for capturing inspirations and memories. Because it reflected the 'Story On Incheon' slogan, we thought our target audience would enjoy taking notes on what immediately inspired them. We chose eco-bag packaging, ensuring easy mobility and allowing recipients to cherish their experience.


02. Focus on the Target's Behavior


For sports enthusiasts, merchandise serves as a display of team support and a tool for cheering during games. Therefore, many sports teams' merch are produced focusing on items that can be used at the game site. SSG Landers Goods, a collaboration with, was conceptualized with these fan behaviors in mind, especially for an event celebrating SSG Landers' home games.


Since the product was designed as a prize for an event promotion held by to celebrate SSG Landers' three-game home game, we conceptualized it as a cheering package. It includes items like cheering towels/flags, Tritan tumblers for game use, and removable stickers and eco bags for everyday support. Emphasizing eco-friendliness, the entire product is packaged in an eco bag.


Cheering towels, flags, and tumblers were chosen to cater to fans watching games at home and in person. Inspired by SSG Landers' colors and motto, "No Limits, Amazing Landers," the design aims to instill team spirit and encourage effective cheering.


We also produced removable stickers featuring SSG Landers' official characters and baseball-related imagery, serving as daily reminders of fan loyalty and team support. It was designed to be composed of SSG Landers' official characters, baseball-related image elements, and elements symbolizing They embody the behavior of fans expressing their allegiance in various aspects of life. If you are a sports team fan, you will think of the team every moment.

Conclusion :

The success of a product hinges on how well it resonates with its intended audience. Understanding the recipient's story, tastes, and usage behavior is essential for creating a beloved product. Whether reflecting the target's narrative or catering to their preferences, clarity on the end user's profile ensures a relevant and cherished product. By delving into who the product is for, what story it aims to convey, and how it will be used, brands can alleviate ambiguity and create offerings that genuinely connect with their audience.

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