Crafting Memorable Brand Experiences : Welcome Kit Innovations Redefining Corporate Onboarding


Welcome kits have evolved into powerful tools for embodying intangible branding through physical merch. In recent trends, creating an alluring kit involves a thoughtful selection of components that vividly convey the brand's mood and established BI/BX design. Moreover, many welcome kits now showcase the core functions and values of the brand through their main items or through the overall composition. Let's delve into compelling cases of crafting welcome kits with attractive components and robust branding.

01. Green Labs : Infusing Brand Values into Design 

AgTech company Greenlabs reached out DiiVER to craft a captivating welcome kit for new employees, aiming to convey the brand's vision and corporate culture effectively. The kit stands out for its use of green as the central color, aligning with the brand name. Moreover, phrases reflecting corporate culture were incorporated into the merch, ensuring that users encounter the brand's core values with every interaction. 

Stationery items like postcards, notes, memo pads, and stickers were carefully selected to accentuate the design elements of text, color, and shapes. Additionally, work essentials such as slippers and pens were included to immerse users in the brand message during their daily routines. The packaging itself was designed to reflect the brand's values, ensuring a cohesive unboxing experience.

02. FLO : Showcasing Brand Functions with Main Items 

FLO, an audio creator platform, revolutionized its welcome kit strategy by integrating the brand's functions directly into the kit's components. Through this, creators are encouraged to use the items in the kit directly and participate in activities within the platform.

Custom microphones, earphones tailored for various mobile operating systems, stickers, vouchers, introduction leaflets, and throat-soothing pear bellflower juice were included. The custom microphone serves as the centerpiece, embodying the brand's essence with its unique design and color scheme. The kit functions not only as a welcoming gesture but also as a toolkit for creators to engage with the platform seamlessly.

03. Demasian (Market Sense) : Evoking Brand Service with Structure 

Demasian introduced 'Market Sense,' a commerce platform empowering creators and influencers to sell their products directly. The welcome kit, distributed to new employees and store entrants alike, mirrors the essence of Market Sense's service. 

Lifestyle items like towels, T-shirts, and slippers were selected to evoke the market sensibilities of a commerce brand. The branding was reinforced through a recyclable bookshelf-type package featuring Market Sense's BI and brand colors.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, while conceptualization and design play crucial roles in crafting welcome kits, the configuration should align closely with the target audience and production objectives to ensure solid branding. By leveraging the examples provided, businesses can navigate the complexities of welcome kit composition and create impactful brand experiences for their recipients.

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