21st Century Branding Keywords, Over-immersion


Indeed, You've heard the term "over-immersion" a lot on the Internet. It is increasingly used as a keyword in entertainment marketing or branding, especially if you watch a lot of entertainment, dramas, movies, and webtoons. 

Today, we'd like to talk about a case of branded merchandise that induced "over-immersion" of customers with merchandise—following the issue of the mobile game 'KRATFON NEW STATE Mobile.' by Krafton is an FPS battle royale game set in 2051. It shares the same world and universe as the Battlegrounds. Hence, interest in the game was high, with over 55 million pre-orders before launch. 

Newstate Mobile previewed the game's world 50 years after Battleground in a short story to build anticipation. Then, they wanted to create and distribute kits for VIPs and influencers to generate more buzz. DiiVER participated in the RFP bidding project for this kit and completed the concept planning, product organization, design, and production with 'over-immersion' as the main keyword. 

Keyword of over-immersion 1. The experience of experiencing in-game situations in real life 

As one of the main goals was to create an unboxing video and make it go viral, we needed a wow factor to excite users. Users want to own the items in the game, especially when they get to the VIP tier, and they enjoy everything about the game as much as they play it. So DiiVER came up with a concept that incorporated all of the Newstate Mobile items and game story into merchandise, over-immersing them in the game story even when they weren't playing.

We conceptualized the product as a welcome kit welcoming users to join the 'Newstate Gang.' We wanted the user to feel like they were doing the same activities in real life as the characters in the game. Since the game's clock in 2051, we also focused on incorporating a futuristic feel into the packaging and overall merchandise design.

We took the motif of the supply box in the game. We designed the package similarly, placing items on the lid of the container as if you were 'digging' for items, also using the box packaging for a fixture frame that utilized the design of the game map. When the user lifts the fixture frame, you can see other merchandise, encouraging you to experience the game in real life.

Keyword 2. A sense of belonging to a gang in the game

We utilized in-game item designs to keep users feeling over-immersive and create a sense of belonging. We selected items that actively use the game BI and prove their status as gang members, making them acceptable as an onboarding kit. 

We organized membership cards and metal coins on the inside of the package, which are visible as soon as the container is opened. We delivered a welcome message with merch that made users feel like they belonged to the gang, which made them feel more immersed. Metal badges, nameplates, business cards, and medal coins were designed to look like actual game items, perfect for creating a sense of over-immersion.

Inside the small-box packaging, we included an arm-sleeve and mask, gaming thimble, mood light, and stickers that utilized IP from in-game items to convey the feel of real-world supplies, especially by using the design of items found in the game to further immerse players.

The hooded zip-up shirts were placed at the bottom of the kit to be seen when the game map fixture was lifted out, intending to be embraced like a Newstate gang member's uniform. It was a case of organizing the kits like supplies to create an unboxing experience and designing merchandise that utilized the game's story, setting, and concepts to really immerse users.


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Address : first floor, 63, Yeonhui-ro 25-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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