An onboarding kit just for you


1. An onboarding kit just for you

The Pinkfong Company , the creator of Baby Shark, was initially named Smart Study. As the Baby Shark and Pinkfong characters grew in popularity around the world, the company rebranded itself as The Pinkfong Company, developing a new BI and company name that leveraged its character IP, as well as a redesign with a BI that actively utilized the character designs and colors.

DiiVER's mission was to create an onboarding kit for all employees with the new BI for a perfect fresh start. During the pre-production planning phase, we were asked to create a personalized package to give existing employees a unique sense of belonging. After thinking about how to create a customized package that was efficient and aesthetically pleasing, we came up with the idea to include a business card in the package's sash that looked exactly like an employee ID card. 

We wanted to ensure that as soon as they saw the package, their name stood out and made the package feel like a gift made just for each individual. We wanted to make sure that the experience continued after the package was opened by including their existing employee ID card in the composition.

2. Visual satisfaction with brand identity

To showcase the brand's strength in the character business, we designed the packaging to make the characters or the BI colors stand out. We focused on creating visual satisfaction through cute designs and vibrant colors.

In addition to conveying the revamped BI and company name, we also printed messages to employees on the stickers, diaries, and statements related to the brand's talent image to motivate them, which is the ultimate purpose of an onboarding kit.

We kept the colors as simple as possible, focusing on items needed on the job. This is not only because it matches the components but also because it has a strong color contrast. We wanted it to be visually imprinted as soon as you see it so it reminds you of the brand. 

3. The onboarding kit is more than just a welcome

While working on the onboarding kit for The Pinkfong Company, I thought about the meaning of the 'onboarding kit' once again. It is more important to have the experience of caring for each person than just a simple welcome gift.
The reason is that 1) it is much more impactful when it is delivered in a tangible, visually pleasing way than when the corporate culture is communicated unilaterally, and 2) it can increase the employee's sense of belonging if it is a personalized package or configuration, as in the case of The Pinkfong Company.  

While the brand experience for customers is significant, the brand experience for employees is equally important. The more positivity you can provide to your employees, who will know your brand inside and out, the better because they are also your current/future customers. You can get a sophisticated, emotional image by conveying that you care about them. 

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