I'll do the branding. Who wants to do the merchandise? The DiiVER.


When you're working on your first merchandise project, you may not know where to start and how to get started. That's why specialized brands like DiiVER want to become a branded merchandise agency. DiiVER has launched a brand solution service, which is a service that accompanies your branded merchandise from the moment it is born to the moment it meets your customers. Today, we'd like to tell you more about this service.

1. Brand Solution Service, which solves all the troublesome areas when creating branded merchandise

While we've been planning and producing merchandise, not all projects end with production. Some brands want to go from planning to production by discussing or receiving suggestions from DiiVER. In contrast, others want us to handle individual shipments, overseas shipments, or manage their merchandise shop. Previously, we only focused on planning and production. Still, as the number of requests grew, we decided to reorganize our services to provide many requests simultaneously. That's how the BRAND SOLUTION SERVICE was born.

We define it as a service that solves necessary and troublesome areas when creating merchandise. DiiVER's BRAND SOLUTION answers many of the problems you face, such as what to make, how to design it, what and how to package it, how to manage shipping and inventory, and how to sell it. Let's continue the story with a specific example.

2. Planning/sourcing branded merchandise exclusively for our brand 

The brand solution includes planning, design, fulfillment, and operation agency services. Among them, the planning service means planning and sourcing merchandise that meets the brand's target, purpose, and image. Even if the brand does not have a product lineup, we suggest one that fits the budget and matches the branding.

In the case of KIT for NEW STATE Mobile global Influencers with Krafton, we participated in the RFP bidding project. We were in charge of all product planning, production, and delivery. We aimed to create an onboarding kit for viral video content for the game's launch. We conceptualized an onboarding kit that welcomes players and a supply kit in line with the game world and branding. We completed all component planning, sourcing, and design.  

Unlike in the case of PUBG(Newstate Mobile), even if the brand already has a concept, we can still suggest which components are better, which printing techniques to use, or other options that fit the budget. We'll even offer eco-friendly merchandise or packaging to drive ESG branding, primarily if it provides the brand's target audience and branding.

3. Design/produce merchandise that is true to the brand and campaign concept

Our brand solution service includes planning and sourcing merchandise and designing them. We can create BX, such as brand logos, symbols, and merchandise prototypes. We also propose designs for building branding and BX and merchandise designs for campaigns. 

In the case of the campaign merchandise with the Jeollanam-do Election Commission, we decided to create campaign merchandise as part of a campaign to increase voter turnout among the MZ generation in Jeollanam-do for the 22nd local elections. As there was no established key visual and design for the campaign and merchandise, DiiVER did the planning and design. We completed the project by designing campaign key visuals and products that were faithful to the concept of retro mood and language play for Generation MZ and allowing them to experience voting through merchandise. 

In addition to design, we suggest production and printing techniques in a way that can adequately utilize the BI. We offer and produce apparel and fabric products according to the BI and product design, from fabric and material to printing techniques. 

4. Delivery/inventory management to complete the brand experience with merchandise

A merchandise production project is incomplete until shipped, especially if DiiVER needs to send it to every customer individually or overseas. For these cases, we provide fulfillment services as a branded solution. 

In the case of the ‘greenlabs’ Onboarding Kit project, individual deliveries were made to all employees' homes due to COVID-19 issues. In the case of LiVE LG, personal deliveries were made promptly after logistics management for each kit during the campaign/event. In addition to individual domestic deliveries, we also provide a service that handles all the work required for overseas deliveries, such as in the case of HL Klemove, or when deliveries are needed to overseas branches, such as in the case of Krafton's Global Influencer KIT mentioned above.

DiiVER offers a service that does all the work for you on your merchandise, and by doing so, we're trying to empower the branding you do with your merchandise. We believe merchandise is one of the most effective ways to communicate your brand.


Address : first floor, 63, Yeonhui-ro 25-gil, 

Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Tel : +82-2-466-0507 

E-mail : ask@diiver.kr

Address : first floor, 63, Yeonhui-ro 25-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Tel : +82-2-466-0507       E-mail : ask@diiver.kr