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The first thing we always emphasize for merchandise and BX design outcomes is a concept that matches the brand features, messages, images, Etc. Merchandise is the physical manifestation of the brand's emphasis, intangible ideas, Etc. The experience gained through these products is the completion of branding. Today, we want to discuss an onboarding kit and BI design case that meets these goals

1. CJ Olive Networks' onboarding kit with a picnic concept

CJ Olivenetworks approached DiiVER to create an onboarding kit for new employees. They requested an Instagrammable kit consisting of office supplies. We focused on delivering brand features and messages through the entire experience of receiving and unboxing the onboarding kit. We aimed to convey a healthy and fresh branding and its role as an integrated lifestyle membership service that allows users to enjoy all lifestyle and cultural services.

We devised a 'picnic concept' to match the branding during the ideation. We conceptualized the kit so that all office components could be seen as picnic supplies or food. The branded and conceptualized kit was designed to deliver a fresh experience to new members, encouraging them to take photos and upload them to Instagram immediately after unboxing. 

The packaging utilized eco-friendly insulated bag packaging, and each component was individually designed to look like food or tableware. We created the USB hub to look like a bar of chocolate, the pen to look like a fork, and the mochi memo paper to look like a sandwich and packaged it in a plastic bread bag. We also designed an eco-friendly husky cup to be used as a picnic item. In addition, the welcome card and individual packages were made of kraft material to make the kit true to the picnic concept. 

2. The Korea Polo Federation logo embodies the symbolism of polo as a visual concept

The Korea Polo Federation was founded to promote polo, which is loved as a royal sport in Europe and Korea. DiiVER was designing the official logo to commemorate the federation's founding and continue its activities in the future. We focused on visually conveying the brand message through the official logo. We set up a clear concept and design keywords so that people who are unfamiliar with polo and those who are familiar with polo can recognize the classic image and message of polo as soon as they see the logo. 

In particular, we focused on visualizing the symbolic meaning of polo as a sport and culture and identifying the Korea Polo Federation as the representative of Korea. The keywords that emerged from this process reflected the image of polo in three ways: classic and traditional, royal sport, and prestigious and social. To represent the three keywords visually, we started with the classic concept. We designed the logo to look like a classic, traditional symbol.

The stick and horseshoe, the symbols of polo, were placed in the center of the logo to visualize polo, and the royal gold and midnight blue colors conveyed the symbolism of the royal sport. In addition, traditional Korean elements were used to emphasize the official status of the Korea Polo Federation.

The examples we've discussed today are premised on clearly understanding of the brand and how it reflects the branding. We emphasize understanding the brand rather than just pursuing a concept that stands out because it's the brand experience we want to convey through branded merchandise. If something essential to the brand is missing, there's nothing left.

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