How to melt a brand into an onboarding kit


The organization's onboarding kit is probably the most impactful part of your brand's first impression with new hires, as it conveys what your company is all about and what it values through the items they'll use daily. That's why it's so important to incorporate different elements of your brand into your onboarding kit, and today, we're going to share some examples of how to do just that.

1. Adding a game company's branding to an office kit

Kakaogames wanted to create an onboarding kit that would powerfully showcase its branding as a game company and inspire loyalty. They asked us to design an onboarding kit that would actively utilize ‘kakaogames’ and Kakao's BI and characters as elements for branding. In response to the request, we set a direction. We proceeded with the ideation process, making suggestions in a configuration that would help office life while wittily revealing the brand.

The main point of the kit was that ‘kakaogames’ has many games in development and distribution. We came up with the idea of setting up the kit as a 'mini-game machine' where you can play various games, giving you the experience of playing a game when you open it. We proposed to print a joystick on the outside of the package and the logo of the game that ‘kakaogames’ is servicing on the top of the inside so that it can be implemented as a game selection screen in the mini-game and to print a joystick button on the inner box. This way, we could add the branding of a game company to the office kit.

2. Focus on concept design for the onboarding kit only

Kakaogames further developed the concept and idea of the mini-game machine to design the kit. We revised the direction to preserve the experience of playing the game when opening the package. It could convey the branding of ‘kakaogames’ more strongly. We developed the kit in a way that actively utilized Kakao Friends characters.

Kakaogames designed a fictional game for the onboarding kit for new employees. We developed an RPG game called 'Kakao Adventure' and reflected the mood of the invented game in all components. When opening the onboarding kit package, we provided the experience of playing Kakao Adventure by selecting a character and visually completing the kit concept by reflecting the design that assigned professions and stats such as warrior, mage, and healer to the Kakao Friends characters.

3. Translating the branding and kit concept into a physical product

After deriving the concept and design of the Kakao Adventure Game Machine, we actively utilized character designs for each component to ensure that the idea was unified. In particular, we selected items that could satisfy the game's practicality while standing out with the character design so that it could feel like game goods. We chose objects that can be printed with game characters, such as a full-color pad, mug, stand wireless charger and plate sticker, to showcase the branding of ‘kakaogames,’ which is influential in IP.

As mentioned in the beginning, the onboarding kit is the company's first impression, and it is essential to incorporate branding elements. Kakaogames took this as a point and focused on making the brand's strengths and ups tangible. This case maximized the onboarding kit's role and created a strong branding effect. 

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