Developing a package that satisfies both price and branding


The kit packaging is all about first impressions, and while many brands want to go to great lengths to create an impactful package, they often run into issues where the budget is much larger than the components. At DiiVER, we've been thinking about how to create affordable packages and make a design impact, and the result is finally here. Today, we're going to talk about the DiiVERCITY Match-Box Developer. 

1. Thinking about the barriers of minimum quantity and unit price

Many brands want to make an impact, and when we receive packaging inquiries, most want to customize their cases. In this case, many of them give up when encountering the barriers of minimum quantity and high unit price. Even when they make the right choice, they often find themselves stuck with a package that fits their budget and incorporates their brand's design on paper, only to realize that it doesn't have the impact they had hoped for. 

We concluded that we needed to create a quality box that was affordable and aesthetically pleasing to increase customer satisfaction. As with all products, we decided to mass-produce packages in the most preferred sizes and materials, as modularization allows the significant price to drop once you have a certain amount of inventory.

2. Thinking about customization/branding.

Creating "just" a box wasn't the end of the story - we ran into the problem of how to customize the package with our branding. For a modularized container, it's hard to customize freely, especially when you can't use job printing on the box. We started to think about how to do this because it's essential to be able to customize freely to make an impact.

We analyzed DiiVER's order data and found that many of the orders were printed on the package container itself, so we thought about how to customize the package to create a print-quality impact. After many discussions, we decided to make a fully custom sleeve that wraps around the entire package box to create the impression of custom printing. When we did a sample test, we found that the unboxing experience was great, and the package felt similar to a custom package, so we could create the impact we wanted.

3. The DiiVERCITY Match-Box was born out of customer needs

We analyzed the needs of our customers and came up with the DiiVERCITY Match-Box. When we examined their orders, we found that they often chose bulky IT products, so we made it large enough to hold all the components and made it a black package made of 'black paper,' which is highly preferred. We also added a sponge frame or single box option to provide a neat unboxing experience.

1) Impactful packaging, sleeve type

With a focus on complete customization, the sleeve option is recommended to brands that want to make an impact with the first impression and unboxing experience of the package. The sleeve that wraps around the container is fully customizable, allowing you to showcase your brand without design constraints. Since the sleeve wraps around the entire package, you can create a branding experience similar to a custom-made/printed package. The package to go for if you want to highlight your brand colors or have a variety of BI sources such as characters, symbols, Etc.

2) Basic appeal package, striped type

For brands that prefer to keep things basic and simple, we have a customization option for you: a stripe. By creating a separate strip of paper that wraps around the center of the package, the strip can act as the focal point of the package. This is recommended to brands that prefer a calm, simple look and feel, and can be customized with just your brand slogan, logo, Etc. to create a package that makes an impact with minimal design source. 

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